We are a company aspiring to grow year on year by adding more satisfied customers to our profile. Three decades of multi domain professional experience in satisfying customers with a decade over presence in Granites is helping us in achieving our desired objective. Natural stone being gift of nature is full of variations which demands professional expertise to choose the right material with less variations in maintaining quality and consistency. As the product has variations, the price too has variations based on quality but we wish to be honest in our pricing. We believe that our commitment in serving  innocent  to  intelligent customer with equal responsibility by exceeding their increasing expectations  in quality , price and deliveries apart from partnering in social responsibility initiatives will be the agenda for our business growth.


With our Indian Granites, we wish to maintain utmost standards when it comes to product and service quality.

We wish to become the leading Indian granite and natural stone supplier for global markets by adding more satisfied customers, exceeding their increasing expectations while partnering in social responsibility initiatives for our business growth.


Granite & Stone products are unique formations of mother earth.  Uniqueness in formation made them popular which actually adds beauty and charm to the material but is prone to variations from the images displayed here in color, pattern and density.


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